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Good things happen when you communicate well. In fact, success demands it.
No longer is it enough to just share ideas and information – now you have
to be able to influence people to take action. And that’s where we come in.
We’ll give you the skills, strategies and, most importantly,
the confidence to be successful.

"In an information-based economy, a company's most important asset is not its people, but the richness of the connections between its people" Dr Reuben McDaniel

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Need help with becoming a more compelling leader, influencer or speaker?

homepage.jpgWhatever the level required, you can improve your air of authority and confidence. Develop the skills you need to achieve communication success through one of the many group and individual training and coaching programs offered by Communicate.

We have found a fit with many clients who are looking to develop their communication skills.  Typically these are people who want to be taken more seriously, step up to new leadership positions or who need to better manage inter-agency and external communications.

The current economic climate means that your organisation needs to be represented by confident and influential communicators.  Whether your communicators are senior executives or new managers, Communicate goes the extra mile to provide intelligent, practical and flexible training & coaching.  We can help your organisation stay on top. Can you really afford to have ineffective communications?

Share your communication goals with us and we will produce a programme to achieve them.


Building self-confidence

We will work with you or your people to hone individual strengths.  We ensure that good communication is developed quickly and efficiently. Read further to see how we can help unlock communication potential.

Blog Updates

  • Useful new angle on managing nerves before a presentation
      Psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s interesting TED Talk  provides a very different and constructive message that helps with managing those nerves before a presentation. She advocates viewing stress as the body helping you to rise to a challenge, rather than a total negative that should be avoided. This reflects what is possibly an urban legend I heard...
  • Is self-confidence overrated?
    I viagra 100mg once heard the great All Black Captain, buy cialis tabs Sean Fitzpatrick say that throughout his career he was very motivated to work hard by the fear that better hooker might nipping at his heels.  This motivation is really the opposite of self-confidence and from a player who had every right to...
  • Three principles for really connecting in virtual meetings
    Last night as our son proudly gave us a virtual tour of  his new flat via Skype,  I realised how much virtual communication has overcome distance and become a very positive part of our lives.  People can meet without the time and cost of travel. Most of our daughter’s generation of parents have one parent...

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